VSO ICS Cambodia | 50 Things You Could Do on an ICS Placement

After a little bit of a rebranding and a 2-month hiatus, I’m finally back! I couldn’t quite muster the energy to write a separate blog post for each of the remaining 8 weeks of my VSO ICS Cambodia experience. So, instead, I’ve compiled a list of 50 things you might be doing if you get placed in Cambodia with VSO!

For ease of reading, I’ve split the list into 3 categories: Work, Play and Miscellaneous (read: downright absurd). Here goes…


  • Inspire local youth
  • Deliver social media marketing training
  • Teach women how to make crepes
  • Build chicken coops
  • Teach English
  • Put on an event
  • Design and print promotional materials
  • Deliver agricultural training
  • Help out on farms
  • Work with a local job centre
  • Distribute posters
  • Paint schools
  • Empower children in local schools
  • Help out a local tailoring programme
  • Help train young people to become tour guides



  • Play with adorable local children
  • Create long-lasting family bonds
  • Ride the Bamboo Train
  • Climb mountains
  • Go on epic bike rides
  • Explore rice fields
  • Watch the sunset
  • Watch the sunrise
  • Explore pagodas
  • Eat way too much rice
  • Go swimming
  • Visit natural lakes
  • Go on an Ox Cart Tour
  • Drink banana or coconut smoothies
  • Lie in a hammock
  • Watch Muay Thai boxing
  • Get way too invested in Khmer dramas
  • Drink the most incredible iced coffee
  • Eat lots of doughnuts
  • Take part in numerous raves
  • Sing a lot of karaoke


  • Attend a Cambodian funeral
  • Eat fried bat
  • Eat snake soup
  • Watch your host family kill a snake
  • Adopt a mouse as your third roommate
  • Shower with flying beetles
  • Shower with a toad
  • Chase after a mouse
  • See a cooked rat in your kitchen
  • Get bitten by a lot of mosquitos
  • Potentially get bitten by a dog
  • Learn how to communicate with hand gestures
  • Be ambushed by cows
  • Be woken up at 5am by chickens

So there you have it, 50 things you might get up to during a VSO ICS Cambodia placement! What did you get up to on your placement?

If you’re going to Cambodia, let me know what burning questions you’d like answering in the comments below.

Happy travels! 

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