VSO ICS Cambodia | Week 1

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you’ll know that I recently signed up to a 10 week volunteering programme based in Cambodia. Well, the time has now come and I find myself writing this one week into my placement in the rural village of Banan!

The first week has flown by – we’ve travelled between 3 places over the space of 7 days. Kampong Chang was the city introduction to our time in Cambodia, where we spent most of our time training in an air conditioned room!
We then made our way to Battambang on my 23rd birthday, which truly was an assault on the senses! An 8 hour bus journey filled with endless Khmer karaoke and a lovely vegetarian meal to ring in my 23rd year – a birthday I’m sure I’ll find it hard to forget!

We’ve been in Banan for a couple of days now and have seen the bat caves and finally started working. The business team have a lot to get done but we’re all raring and ready to go – not sure I’ll be able to leave this peaceful corner of the Earth come mid-July!

Stay tuned for more updates, as and when I get the time between work and experiencing Cambodia. Leah Haowy (goodbye) for now!

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