As any of you who follow my Instagram will know, I recently returned from a month-long trip around South East Asia (and I’m now utterly obsessed with it)

I am incredibly lucky in that

a) I have a family member who works for British Airways and so I was able to hop on a £200 return flight to Singapore and

b) I have family that live in Singapore so I was able to stay with them for a week

This part of the trip was basically like a free holiday.

Aside from the copious amounts of money I spent on food (which was something I would not regret when I later contracted gastroenteritis in Vietnam…)

vietnam south east asia chicken food poisoning gastro-enteritis
Was this even really chicken?

I’ve been travelling to Singapore on ‘free holidays’ ever since I was a new-born baby (OK, well 2 years old).

This time was different, though, as I had a little more free reign and I had a friend with me.

It was also the first time I’d visited since the iconic Gardens by the Bay opened, which was pretty awesome!

Here’s what we got up to at the start of our South East Asian adventure…


The main memories I had associated with Clarke Quay were of bright lights and the best Singapore Noodles I had ever eaten.

This time, we got stalked on the metro on our way there. Who knew our most unnerving experience would be in the ‘safest’ place we were visiting.

Nonetheless, the lights of Clarke Quay still shined brightly and my friend was extremely satisfied with the pizza she managed to track down after spending a month on expedition in Indonesia living off rice.


Whilst we were in Singapore, it happened to be National Day – the island’s Independence Day and all round national holiday.

This meant my family were all at home and we got taken on a day-trip to Chinatown.

Whilst I’ve never really understood why there are Chinatowns in every single corner of the world, the fact is there are.

We had a truly authentic Chinatown experience – from visiting Buddhist temples to eating Chinese ice cream towers.

We finished our National Day by perching in the Gardens by the Bay, along with the rest of Singapore’s youth, and watching the National Day fireworks. Goals.


The part of Singapore I had been looking forward to the most was undoubtedly seeing the Gardens by the Bay.

It was rather exciting, as this is the only thing we visited in Singapore that I hadn’t seen before.

Call me spoilt, but Singapore is like a second home to me. The majority of my family holiday memories consist of what discounts we could find in department store Mustafa’s, as opposed to what tropical beach I laid on for days on end.


  1. CE LA VI at Marina Bay Sands


As two fairly chilled out girls who packed the bare minimum (well, almost the bare minimum) for our travels around South East Asia, we found ourselves in a bit of a pickle when we decided to visit the 53rd floor of Marina Bay Sands for a drink on our last evening.

Still, we managed to throw some outfits together and (miraculously) get let in after convincing ourselves we looked like something off a wandering nomad’s YouTube channel.

The views did not disappoint and everyone else was in trainers, anyhow.


With a drinks promotion on Singapore Slings, what could possibly have gone wrong?

singapore singapore sling marina bay sands


Overall, revisiting Singapore was a fantastic introduction to our South East Asian adventure.

I am now filled with the desire to work there and live the expat lifestyle at some point in the future!

Have you ever been to Singapore? What was your favourite bit?

Let me know in the comments below!

Happy travels!






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