A Girl’s Guide to Oktoberfest


If the thought of drinking litre steins of beer and then dancing on tables with a bunch of German lads is your worst nightmare, then maybe Oktoberfest isn’t quite your cup of tea, or your litre of beer for that matter…

I have to say though, if you’ve ever been just a little bit curious, I would definitely recommend.

If you’ve always wanted the authentic Oktoberfest experience but not wanted the madness of Munich, it’s little sister Cannstatter Volksfest in Stuttgart is an excellent place to start.


The festival is both smaller and a lot easier to get tickets for.

My friends and I managed to pull off a weekend trip to Stuttgart for just €88/£65. What’s more, we only decided to go 3 days before Oktoberfest weekend!




  Always time for a German folk song 

After a few litres of beer followed by a trip on the dodgems (do not recommend), we rounded off the day with some Bratwurst and ended up in a local bar that was a strange mix betwen a indie rock concert and an R n B club.

A truly authentic Oktoberfest experience, without having to deal with the chaos of the real deal.

The whole weekend finished with a quick visit to the Porsche museum, where I discovered my parents may have named me after a car instead of a Russian man…



Have you ever been to Oktoberfest? What’s your advice for prospective visitors? Let me know in the comments below!

Happy travels!



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